‘YouTuber’ Pranks Kite Maker with Fake Order, Makes Him Go Around Town to Deliver

These days, there are so many people making content on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube to earn money.

But with so many of them competing on the same niche, a lot are trying their best to create unique content to outdo the others. This way, they might get more followers and more viewers so they can earn more money.

What’s sad is that they sometimes do it at the expense of others, passing of their schemes as ‘pranks’. They don’t care about other people’s feelings as they waste these people’s time and money, just to create their ‘viral video’.

Netizen Khikay Pangilinan angrily shares the story of how her older brother, a kite maker, got duped by a woman who pretended to be a customer but later told him it was just a prank.

In a series of screenshots, the angry sister shared how her brother got tricked by the woman who pretended to be a real customer. The woman claimed that an uncle asked her to order the kites because he thought these were nice.

She even appeared to be really interested in the kites and would often ask for updates. The woman, named Jane Aquino on Facebook, even seemed impatient when the kite maker was not able to complete the kites as quickly as she wanted.

But on the day the kites were supposed to be delivered, the woman first appeared to be impatient as she waited for the kite maker to contact her. They agreed to meet up at the gas station but when the kite maker was heading there, she claimed to have gone back to the house to get another phone as hers had a low battery.

Then, the woman tried to haggle as she offered a kiss in exchange for a discount to which the kite maker did not agree to. The poor kite maker was tired as he reached the gas station on his bike, only for the woman to tell him she’s heading to the McDonald’s outlet at another part of the town.

Not keen on losing this sale, the kite maker biked all the way to the McDonald’s outlet, only to be told that it was just a prank! Tsk. Tsk.