Your Personality Depends On Your Birth Order, Study Says

Siblings are like friends without a choice. Even though you f1ght and b1cker most of the time, you know you can still rely on each other at the end of the day.

But anyone with a sibling would know the struggles of having someone who has a way to annoy you the most. It’s possible since you are different persons who can have personalities way different from each other.

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A recent British study revealed that this speculated differences in character between the first and last born children have some basis.

According to YouGov research, it is true that the oldest child in the family are more likely to develop a sense of responsibility while the youngest are more laid back. This may be true because bigger and heavier responsibilities at home are often given to the eldest child.

Below is an exemplified chart of the poll conducted by YouGov in British families.

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It shows that the oldest child is more likely to say that he is more responsible, more successful, more organized, more able to prioritize his own life, more self-confident, and more family-oriented.

Sometimes, the role that a child takes in the family also affects his personality. Age can also be a factor since people mature as they grow older.

The oldest child may feel that he needs not only to look after himself but also after his younger siblings. Since he is also able to get on to life ahead of everyone, he can say that he is more successful than his siblings.

On the other hand, this poll also shows that the youngest in the family are funnier than the oldest. They were also described as more relaxed and easygoing.

What do you think about this poll?

SourceYouGov, Unilad