Young Woman Surprises Parents with Their Dream House on Her Dad’s Birthday

A young woman who surprised her parents with their dream house on her dad’s birthday recently went viral, with many netizens wishing they could also do the same or at least buy something grand for their parents.

Lindiwe Maleka secretly bought a plot of land at her hometown in Newcastle, set in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Using her savings and money she earned as entrepreneur, the young woman hired workers to build the house without telling her parents about it.

Photo credit: Lindiwe Maleka / Twitter

After months of getting the dream house built and furnished for her parents, the young lady decided to finally give them the house keys on her dad’s birthday. Needless to say, her parents were thrilled by the new house and could not believe that she was able to keep it a secret all those months!

I bought a plot for my parents and have been building this house secretly. In celebration of my dad’s birthday I decided to surprise my parents and hand them the house key. You should have seen them crying tears of joy,” Maleka shared on her Twitter account.

A lot of netizens expressed amazement over the grand present, wishing they could also do the same for their parents.

Photo credit: Lindiwe Maleka / Twitter

This is so heartwarming, I just pray to the almighty God to keep my father long enough for me to be able to do a similar gesture for him,” a netizen named Lihle Dlela commented on her post.

Others commented that they were inspired by their gesture and would surely try to find a high-paying job and save up money to also give their parents the grand life they never had. What a sweet gesture of love, huh?

Photo credit: Lindiwe Maleka / Twitter