World’s Fattest Kid Weighing 190kg Put On Crash Diet Amid Fears He’ll Die Soon

Dubbed as the world’s fattest kid, 10-year-old Arya Permana from the village of Cipurwasari in the Arawang Regency of Indonesia has been placed on a crash diet amid fears that he will die soon if doesn’t lose weight. He has already quit school because he could no longer walk far – and he would sometimes resort to crawling around the house due to his excessive fats.

Classified as morbidly obese, the crash diet is quite a challenge for Arya who can actually eat as much as two adult-sized meals at one sitting – and he eats meals five times a day!

Photo credit: CATERS NEWS AGENCY / The Sun UK
Photo credit: CATERS NEWS AGENCY / The Sun UK

Arya’s parents wished he would become slimmer so he could live a normal life like his brothers but his incredible appetite makes him feel hungry every few minutes and getting him to slow down and eat less proves to be a difficult task to his parents.

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