Working Student in Tears after Angry Customer Keeps Shouting at Jollibee Drive Thru

A working student was left in tears after an angry customer keeps shouting at her at a Jollibee drive thru in Kumintang, Batangas. Another customer who was queueing behind this customer shared the heartbreaking experience on Facebook, in hopes that this would urge other netizens to be more patient and polite in dealing with workers in the service industry.

According to Zari Frillez in a post on Facebook, they did not notice what was happening to the car ahead of them but were surprised to see that the Jollibee service crew was crying. The young lady could not help but tell them that the customer ahead of them had been shouting at her.

Photo credit: Zari Frillez / Facebooki

While Zari did not share what exactly happened and whether the service crew made a mistake in handling that customer’s order, she and many netizens who read the post agreed that the customer does not have any right to shout at this hardworking young woman.

Zari said that the incident happened at a Jollibee drive thru in Kumintang, Batangas. However, they were only able to see the numbers “744” on the vehicle but were unable to spot the letters that came before the numbers.

Zari shared on Facebook:

Shoutout sa kostomer sa drive tru ng Jollibee kumintang (Batangas) na may plate number na ••• 744 di lang namen nakuha ung letter sa plate number pero may CCTV naman ung drive thru ng Jollibee, na Sinigaw-sigawan si ateng naka duty sa drive thru na walang nagawa kundi mapaiyak at mag sumbong samen.

Di nyo alam kung gaanong pagod ang ginagawa ng mga taong to sa ganitong oras at panahon para makapag trabaho ng maayos tas babastusin at mumurahin nyo lang.

Sana malaman ung buong plate number nyo at matauhan kayo ng mahulasan kayo sa ginawa nyo. May kasama kapang babae jan sa sasakyan mo di kaman lang pinigilan. Nahabag talaga ako kay ate.

Photo credit: Zari Frillez / Facebooki

After the post went viral, someone who knew the service crew revealed that the young lady is actually a working student who’s determined to work to support herself. The young woman feels tired because she’s often assigned to the night shift. Thus, incidents like this make her feel worse. Poor young woman.

Zari shared the incident as a reminder for everyone to be kind.