Workers Gift Long-Time Cleaner with Gold Bracelet Before Relocating to New Office

After learning that their company will be relocating to a new office but won’t be renewing the cleaner company’s contract, a group of workers decided to gift their long-time cleaner with something precious to repay her good deeds to them.

Twitter user Izwan Sajjer (@IzwanSajjer) shared that she and her colleagues had contributed for the cleaner’s gift. They must have loved the old cleaner so much because they were able to collect enough to buy her a gold bracelet.

Photo credit: Izwan Sajjer / Twitter

Izwan explained that the old cleaner, Kak Jati, had been working at their office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a long time. The old woman is like a mother to many of the workers and she had always been so kind to them. She had been with the company for so long that most of the workers had experienced her motherly treatment towards all of them.

Photo credit: Izwan Sajjer / Twitter

Thus, when the company decided to move its office from Kuala Lumpur to Petaling Jaya, the workers were unhappy to learn that the cleaner’s contract was also terminated. But they also knew that she can’t also uproot her family and move to Petaling Jaya just to work for their office.

Izwan and her colleagues gathered as much money as they could so they can buy something for the old cleaner before they move. They were surprised to see that they were able to gather enough money to buy something expensive.

Photo credit: Izwan Sajjer / Twitter

So, they thought of a gold bracelet so she can have a precious remembrance from their group that she can also pawn or sell if she experiences financial difficulties. These workers are truly so kind!