Worker Who Lost Job Due to COVID Spent Many Weeks Walking, Finds Help in Kind McDonald’s Crew

It is a sad reality that many workers had not only lost their jobs but are also stuck in their workplaces, unable to even go back to their hometown due to the many travel restrictions imposed across the country. Also, a lot of public transport options are still unavailable.

Sadly, there are still many workers who are trying their best to go back home, even if that meant walking many kilometers to get there!

Last June 24, Peypey Wage David shared the sad plight of Tatay Junior Mendoza who looked so tired and hungry that they couldn’t understand a lot of what he was saying because the old man is having a hard time talking.

What they understood from the conversation is that Tatay Junior had been walking for 8 days, with nothing to eat along the way. Since Peypey works at McDonald’s in Dau, Mabalacat in Pampanga, he and his coworkers provided Tatay Junior with some food and told him to take a rest at their store so he could gather strength for his long journey home.

Photo credit: Peypey Wage David / Facebook

In the post, Peypey said that Tatay Junior lost his job in Nueva Ecija due to the COVID lockdown. He told them he’s on his way to Silang, Cavite! From Dau, Tatay Junior would still need to travel at least 135km to reach Silang.

While the crew offered him a place to stay so they can find ways to help him, Tatay Junior left after eating the meal. Perhaps, he didn’t want to impose on the crew and was just determined to go back home!

On July 29, he was spotted by netizen Earl Archievan Calixtro at another McDonald’s outlet in San Fernando, Pampanga. That’s around 23 km away from Dau. It seems that he’s really gotten tired of walking as he was only able to reach that far in over a month.

According to Earl Archievan Calixtro, they were having lunch at the McDonald’s outlet near SM when they saw Tatay Junior enter the store to order some food. But he only bought rice!

Photo credit: Earl Archievan Calixtro / Facebook

As he settled down to eat his rice, Earl approached him to offer more food. The old man shyly admitted that he wanted to eat more but didn’t have enough money. So, Earl ordered him more food. When he returned to Tatay Junior’s seat, however, he discovered that the McDonald’s crew had already given him free chicken fillet!

So, Earl simply had the food he ordered wrapped so that Tatay Junior could bring it along on his journey.

As with Peypey’s post, Earl said that they could barely understand what Tatay Junior is saying because he appears to be having a hard time talking. They think he’s from Tacloban but was stuck in Pampanga after trying to find a job there but losing it amid the pandemic.

Photo credit: Earl Archievan Calixtro / Facebook

Whether Tatay Junior is heading home to Cavite or Tacloban, both destinations are still so far away! We hope he can find help soon so that he won’t be walking all the way to those places…