Worker Takes a Bath in Milk at Dairy Company, Loses Job after Video Goes Viral

Have you ever done something crazy at work, just for fun? Well, a lot of us could really say that but there’s really a line between crazy fun and really crazy!

For example, two workers at a dairy company lost their jobs and are now languishing in jail after taking a video of one of them taking a bath in what appears to be a huge vat of milk.

Photo credit: Twitter / @nedenttoldu

Taken from a dairy plant in the province of Konya in Central Anatolia, Turkey, the clip shows someone inside a big vat of milk, taking a bath and using a jug to pour more milk over his head.

The guy in the vat of milk was later identified as Emre Sayar, a worker at the dairy plant. His co-worker, someone called Ugur Turgut, was the one who took the video and uploaded it on TikTok.

Photo credit: Twitter / @nedenttoldu

While two probably wanted to get some laughs and praise on the internet for their antics, most of the netizens who saw the video were disgusted by the behavior! With so many people going hungry across the world, this is such a waste of milk! Moreover, it is unknown whether they also got this dirty milk bottled and sold to unknowing customers!

Not surprisingly, the company fired the two for their antics. They are both facing several cases in court for their actions and are now in jail.

Photo credit: Twitter / @nedenttoldu

Following massive backlash over the possibly contaminated products, the dairy company was forced to issue a statement to clarify that the worker did not actually bathe in real milk but was using a mixture of water and cleaning liquid made to look like milk.

The company believes that the two had planned the whole thing to make the brand look bad. With sales most likely getting affected by this issue, the two workers are expected to also be made to pay for damages and loss of income for the company! Tsk. Tsk.

Prank or not, think before you do something! Here’s the video: