Woman Wishes COVID-19 on Donor Who Won’t Give Her Child S-26 Milk

The COVID-19 crisis has brought out the best in people. There are many who used their own money to help others, providing food, medicines, hygiene kits, and even milk and diapers for babies.

What’s sad that though is that though the crisis had, indeed, brought out the best in people, it also brought the worst in others! Due to the crisis, many did not have food for themselves and their children.

Photo credit: Daisy Andal / Facebook

Instead of trying harder to find work or being grateful to the people who offer help, they felt that they are entitled to better food, more expensive stuff than what these donors could offer!

There’s even one woman who badmouthed the barangay officials for not giving them any help, only for them to confront her with proof that they did not just give her relief goods but also provided milk and diapers for her baby as extra help!

Photo credit: Daisy Andal / Facebook

Another woman went viral for angrily confronting a donor for not immediately sending her money, because he sent help to others first. Tsk. Tsk.

Recently, another mom also went viral, this time after asking a prospective donor to buy her child S-26 milk, an expensive milk product that’s several times pricier than other milk brands.

Nakita ko lang to sa isang group . toxic 😏,” wrote Daisy Andal, sharing some screenshots. “Nanghihingi ng pang gatas 😏 wala naman sanang masama manghingi lalo na ngayong panahon na to pero yung may willing ng tumulong tas ikaw na demanding at ikaw pa nagiinaso jusmiyo Goodluck sayo ateng .😏

The mom, named Mica, had apparently posted something about asking for milk from kindhearted people – and a nice woman offered to help.

Mica told the prospective donor that she needs S-26 for the child because that’s her milk. Since she does not have money, she also wants the donor to shoulder the shipping fee.

Photo credit: Lazada Philippines

The donor suggested that she give Lactum or Bonakid, instead, because that’s what she can afford to give since she’s not really rich. Mica replied that her child is sensitive with milk products and could only drink S-26 milk. Then, she chides the would-be donor, saying that she thought the other woman was concerned with her baby!

Photo credit: Daisy Andal / Facebook

When the would-be donor tried to insist that she pick a cheaper milk brand, the mom got angry. She told the donor to delete her comment on her post and not send anything because her child might get stomachache from a cheap milk brand.

Photo credit: Daisy Andal / Facebook

The demanding mom also called the donor as ‘pulubi’, also wishing the donor would get the virus! Tsk. Tsk. The would-be donor remained classy as she still prayed for the young mom, but the latter continued calling her bad names.