Woman Wears T-Rex Costume to Sister’s Wedding after Being Told to “Wear Anything You Want”

During weddings, the bride and groom often have a theme for guests to follow.

These days, many couples tell their guests what to wear to the wedding so they can follow the theme – and that sometimes means asking them to wear a particular color to match the motif or to choose various items that would go with the theme. For instance, there are weddings that tell guests to wear flipflops or running shoes with their formal clothes.

Photo credit: Christina Meador / LAD Bible

But a couple who didn’t want to pressure their guests into buying something new for the wedding just to match their theme decided they won’t have a theme at all – and that everyone can wear anything they wanted.

Told to “wear anything you want”, 38-year-old Christina Meador joked that she would come in costume to the wedding of her sister, Deanna Adams. She told Deanna that she’d come as a T-Rex or some other chunky, hilarious costume.

Photo credit: Christina Meador / LAD Bible

Instead of being mortified and telling her to come in a normal outfit, the bride didn’t stop her sister who’s actually the maid of honor at the event.

Christina even got the T-Rex costume in Nebraska which she showed her sister when she arrived in Texas for the wedding, but Deanna still didn’t tell her to find something else.

Photo credit: Christina Meador / LAD Bible

Some netizens slammed Christina for being ‘selfish’, saying that the woman was trying to take the show from Deanna. However, Deanna doesn’t really mind as it was even her who shared the photos of her sister’s hilarious costume.

Perhaps feeling like this was becoming a major dare, Christina decided that she would really wear the costume to Deanna’s wedding. It was rather hilarious to see Christina lumbering in the yard for the garden wedding, being escorted by a normally dressed best man. It would have been more hilarious if the guy had also gotten another dinosaur costume! LOL.

The bride gamely told netizens that she had a good laugh at her sister’s T-Rex costume.

By the way, here’s how Christina looks when she’s not being a T-Rex:

But we have a piece of advice based on this story. If you’re getting married, it might be a good idea not to tell guests they can wear anything they want! You might end up with Godzilla or King Kong on your wedding! LOL.

Source: LAD Bible