Woman Uses Her Best Friend’s Identity for 2 Years, Scams Guy Who Likes Her

These days, there are many stories about bad guys using other people’s identity to scam others, but one woman discovered that her own best friend used her identity for 2 years to scam a guy who really liked her!

Growing up together and having been the best of friends for 11 years, Vania and Yana even treat each other as sisters. Each of their families have long accepted them as an additional daughter, knowing that the two are inseparable.

But what Vania did not know is that Yana would use her knowledge to con a guy who liked her, knowing that Vania would not really like the man back!

The scam was unraveled by the guy, Tim, who got suspicious when Vania (actually Yana) kept making excuses not to see him even if they are supposed to be a couple!

One day, Tim was able to get hold of Vania’s real phone number. She was surprised to receive a phone call from an unknown number. He introduced himself as Tim – and she recalls him as a friend of Yana’s boyfriend whom she met some years ago.

Is this the only phone number you own? Is your mother currently in the hospital?” Tim asked.

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Vania was confused, of course, why this guy would ask her such questions. After all, they barely knew each other! She was, therefore, shocked when he told her that she is supposed to be his girlfriend but he now knows that it was actually Yana who was using her identity.

Woman Uses Best Friend’s Identity

It turned out that 2 years ago, Tim told Yana that he really likes her best friend, Vania. He hoped that Yana would introduce them. Yana promised that she would be their ‘bridge’, claiming that her best friend would really like him!

In reality, however, Yana knows that Time isn’t Vania’s type. Afraid that it would break his heart, she got a new number and messaged him as Vania. But the lie just grew as Tim courted Vania, not knowing it was Yana who’s texting him back.

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Yana really pretended to be Vania, using her identity and her style of messaging. Each time that Tim would bring up meeting in person, she always had an excuse ready. The excuses kept getting weirder, such as Vania’s parents being really sick or even Vania being diagnosed with a serious condition.

But each time that Tim feels suspicious, Yana (as Vania) would declare her love and be so romantic that Tim would forgive her each time.

As ‘Vania’ experienced more ‘trouble’, she would ask Tim for help. Still so in love with her, he would send money each time – and even helped ‘Vania’ borrow money from his family and cousins. In total, ‘Vania’ had ‘borrowed’ around $2,400 from Tim and $23,400 from his family!

Each time he or his family had to send money to ‘Vania’, they were told to send it through Yana as Vania’s account is supposedly blocked by the bank due to her financial troubles.

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Imagine their surprise when it turned out the woman behind the messages is Yana! Her best friend had no idea that she was using her identity! Poor Tim believed everything she said and thought Vania is his girlfriend, only to learn that he’s been investing his feelings and sending money to Yana.

Vania was, of course, brokenhearted that she has to file a case against her best friend but Yana had done so much in her name that she just couldn’t forgive her or forget the money that Yana ‘borrowed’ from Tim and his family under her name! Tsk. Tsk.