Woman Trapped Inside Bathroom with 2 Kids for 7 Hours, Kids Now Scared of Bathroom

A woman was accidentally trapped inside their bathroom with her 2 kids while she gave them a bath. They were only rescued roughly 7 hours later. Sadly, the experience made the kids too scared to get inside their bathroom again. Poor little ones…

It started out as an ordinary morning for the family of Malaysian mom Safra Hussain. Her husband had already left the house to go to work. Just like any other weekday, Safra was supposed to bring their elder daughter to school. Then, her husband was scheduled to pick the child up from school after he goes out of the office.

Photo credit: Safra Hussain / Facebook

While bathing the kids, however, they were trapped inside the bathroom. Unfortunately, Safra was not able to bring her phone inside the bathroom and didn’t even have fresh dry clothes for the kids to change into after taking a bath.

No one could hear her shouting for help from inside the bathroom but she didn’t also want to keep on doing it out of fear that the kids will panic upon seeing her so scared. At first, she tried to distract the kids by letting them play with the bubbles but the kids soon got bored of the activity. She had to find other ways to keep them occupied.

Photo credit: Safra Hussain / Facebook

She tried her best to open the door, including using the hook of the towel hanger to remove the knob but to no avail.

When the kids felt too cold inside the bathroom, she turned on the water heater to the maximum but she was also scared that they might get suffocated inside.

Photo credit: Safra Hussain / Facebook

Her husband only learned about what happened when he showed up at their child’s school to pick her up but the teacher told him the child had been absent that day. He wondered why his wife was not answering his text messages that day but he really thought she was just busy.

He hurried home and was surprised to learn about their ordeal the entire day. When he couldn’t open the lock using the key, he kicked the door open and was finally able to free his family. Whew!

Photo credit: Safra Hussain / Facebook

Safra and the kids were truly happy to be finally free from the bathroom! Sadly, the kids were so affected by what happened that they are now too scared to get inside the bathroom…