Woman Starts a Quarrel All Because of Bus Seats

It is common courtesy to give your seat to people when riding a public transport like a bus. Some people would willingly give their seat up, given that there is enough space for everyone to move around, and there are cases wherein one would demand to be seated.

Facebook user Anne Gaddi shared a series of videos that showed a woman that was very angry at her. Based from Anne’s post, the woman was standing in the middle of the bus that they were riding and apparently Anne kept hitting her unintentionally. She had her kid on her lap and could not move too much but it appeared as though the woman also wanted her to give up her seat for her.

The post had three ten-second videos that showed the woman hitting the hand that Anne was using to hold her cellphone while saying that she doesn’t care if the videos will go viral. In another one of the clips, that was when Anne said she has her kid with her but the woman was still upset and even pointed out that the kid wasn’t a toddler anymore.

In the longer video the woman continued to rant and mentioned that they were riding a public transport vehicle and Anne doesn’t own it. Anne then said that if she wanted to sit down she could have asked the other men that was there but the woman said she has the wrong expectations that all men would do that. The woman also said that, since she learned that Anne was from Bulacan, everyone from Bulacan has bad manners.

Another person that was riding the same bus could not help and tried to defend Anne and wanted to point out that the woman was in the wrong. Other passengers then started jumping in and reminded her that she is riding a bus full of people from Bulacan. She continued the argument with one man and this is when she started saying that she has friends from Bulacan but do not have bad manners like him.

The last video the woman was still in an argument with the same man, and then she rushed back to Anne with her fist raised and then she hit her once again. Anne then showed a picture of her arm after all of that.

You can view Anne’s videos here:

Minsan lang sumakay ng Bus e2 pa napala k0..ndi k0 naman nasasagi may kand0ng ak0ng bata gumawa ng eksena haist😔Di q na…

Posted by Anne Gaddi on Saturday, May 4, 2019