Woman Slammed for Shaming Kindergarten Teacher Who Didn’t Wash Her Son’s Tupperware

These days, a lot of parents are so involved in their children’s education that the term “helicopter parent” was born. Helicopter parents are so overprotective of their children that they are not afraid to shame teachers for behavior or things they believed should be done for their kids!

For instance, one woman in Malaysia recently went viral after she shamed her son’s kindergarten teacher for not washing the boy’s Tupperware. Apparently, the woman expected the teacher to wash the boy’s Tupperware after the child is finished eating, but because the teacher was not able to do so, the food container smelled rotten and later had some worms in it, reports World of Buzz.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

Angry over the dirty Tupperware, the woman messaged the teacher.

Wash it! Oh my goodness. Why are you so lazy? Don’t talk about whether they pay you to wash dishes. Just do it out of sincerity,” the woman reportedly told the teacher.

Don’t make me embarrass you. I can make a lot of complains and expose you in our parents Whatsapp group. I can report you as a teacher with no manners!

Angry that the teacher did not reply or accept her calls, the woman posted screenshots of her messages to the teacher on the parents’ Whatsapp group. She thought that the other parents would sympathize with her and get angry with the teacher as well.

But the other parents chided her for shaming the kindergarten teacher. They schooled her that this is not the teacher’s responsibility and that it was doubly wrong for her to shame the teacher on social media over something as trivial as washing the child’s Tupperware.

Soon, the teacher’s child would post about the matter on social media to support his mother.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

Wow. Does she think my mother is a housework laborer? She’s just a kindergarten teacher. You think it’s the teacher’s responsibility to settle everything your child does?” the child wrote.

It’s parents with behavior like this that make their kids hopeless. You haven’t even taught your child how to use the toilet without peeing their pants but expect teachers to help your children to this extent. Tupperware also you want the teacher to wash.

A lot of netizens agree with the teacher’s son. It’s the teacher’s job to teach the children their lessons, not wash their Tupperware!