Woman Seeks Help from Tulfo after Ex-Boyfriend’s Sister ‘Borrowed’ Her Identity

Be careful about posting too much information online and in letting someone take a look at your personal documents. One woman learned this the hard way when her ex-boyfriend’s sister ‘borrowed’ her identity and has been living with the fake identity for over 7 years!

Charlot M. Salud tearfully asked help from Raffy Tulfo after discovering that her ex-boyfriend’s sister ‘borrowed’ her identity.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

According to Charlot, she was pregnant sometime in 2012 when she ran away from home to live at her boyfriend’s house. It was there that she met Marilyn Alcedo, the sister of her then-boyfriend.

Marilyn had not been home for many years; the family was happy to have her back. However, after borrowing Charlot’s documents for some reason, she disappeared again. Charlot was worried about her documents but did not think Marilyn could have any use to those papers. But it turned out she would assume Charlot’s identity.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Now living in Mindanao, far away from anyone who might know her real identity, Marilyn is now living as Charlot M. Salud. She was even able to get an NSO/PSA birth certicate on security paper and obtain valid IDs plus SSS, PhilHealth, and HDMF accounts under Charlot’s name. Moreover, she used Charlot’s documents to get an original police clearance, NBI clearance, and other important documents.

Marilyn has been living as Charlot since 2012 – but she answers to both “Marilyn” and “Charlot” when called. While talking to Tulfo, she claimed she’s the real Charlot because she even has original documents in Charlot’s name. But she later slipped up and told Tulfo she’s no longer Marilyn, saying “Hindi na po ako si Marilyn.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

What’s alarming is that she’s been living as Charlot since 2012 and used her original documents to apply for a job as security guard!

Ankaa Security Agency’s Training Officer Alistair Maglasang admitted that they never thought the Charlot working for them is using another person’s identity. After all, she submitted original copies of her NSO/PSA birth certificate, police clearance, NBI clearance, high school diploma, and valid IDs when she applied for the job.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

When asked by her sister, Marites Oro, to simply give Charlot her documents back, Marilyn denied she knows Marites or that she is Marilyn; she would rather undergo DNA test sponsored by Tulfo to prove she is the real Charlot! LOL.

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