Woman Rides Taxi But Refuses to Pay the Fare, Driver Shares Video

In the Philippines, you can get around the city or go other towns on cheaper modes of transportation like the jeepney. Fare rates vary depending on a lot of factors, but you will be paying much lower fares if your ride a jeep compared with taxis and especially ride-hailing app companies like Grab.

But a taxi driver recently shared the video of a woman who rode his taxi but actually didn’t have any money to pay for the fare.

Photo credit: Friendy Tenoria / Facebook

While the meter read Php130 for the long ride, the driver could be heard telling she can’t just pay him Php5 – and she answered back that it’s actually Php7! She rode a taxi but paid fare that’s fit for a jeepney ride, angering the taxi driver for good reason.

Photo credit: Friendy Tenoria / Facebook

Even as the taxi driver tried to collect the fare, the woman complained about her life and said that she didn’t have any money but she’s giving him the coins as ‘pampa-swerte’ (for good luck). She argued that she really could not pay the fare because she had no money, but the taxi driver retorted that she shouldn’t have ridden a taxi if she can’t afford to pay the fare.

Seeing that she can’t win in that argument but clearly having no money to pay for the fare, the woman got off the taxi. She could be heard talking about how there really are so many people who love to take advantage of others, not realizing that she had also done the same thing to this driver.

Photo credit: Friendy Tenoria / Facebook

While many netizens believe the woman was going through very tough times, they also believe that does not give her the right to ride the taxi knowing she can’t pay the fare.

She might think Php130 could be a small amount, but for a hardworking driver, that’s already a good amount of money. Plus, his vehicle used up fuel to bring this woman to her destination!

Photo credit: Friendy Tenoria / Facebook

Still, other netizens praised the driver for remaining calm despite the situation. He might be angry, yet he still kept his cool. Many said that he would receive a lot of good karma for what the woman did – and perhaps receive a lot of extra tips in the future.

Watch the video here:

Ang lakas NG loob mgtaxi walang pambayad,,,,😡😡😡

Posted by Friendy Tenoria on Tuesday, September 3, 2019