Woman Receives Php166k Bill from Maynilad, Despite Usual Bill of Php400 a Month

A woman expresses shock after receiving a bill of Php166k from Maynilad, despite their usual bill of just Php400 a month! What’s worse, she tried to ask Maynilad to cancel the bill, especially because it is an amount that she could never pay but was only told to pay in installment for 2 years! Tsk. Tsk.

Nanay Adelaida Castillo, 54, said that they usually get a bill of around Php400 every month at their house in Quezon City. She was not able to come home due to COVID restrictions after she traveled to Pangasinan last March.

When she was finally able to come home last June 12, she was shocked that their water bill had not been Php400 a month but Php40,000 a month since March! She now owes Maynilad a whopping total of Php166,807.67.

She quickly checked their water meter. Much to their surprise, it is moving so fast even if all their faucets were turned off.

She took a video of the meter and sent it to Maynilad but was only told that the staff of the water concessionaire are unable to visit their area due to COVID restrictions. However, since the meter is actually working and there appears to be a leak at their home, she has to pay the bill!

Photo credit: Rex Remitio / Facebook

After talking to representatives of Maynilad and Manila Water, she was given the chance to pay the bill under installment for 2 years. However, since they only get income from their small sari-sari store, Nanay Adelaida is unsure how they could ever pay that up.

Nanay Adelaida insists that there seems to be no leak at their house or flooding at their area due to a possible leak but Maynilad reminded her and other consumers that leaks from the meter to the consumer’s house are the responsibility of the consumers, not the water concessionaire – that’s specifically written on the contract.

Sana i-check kung talagang sa amin galing ‘yung bill na ‘yun, kung kami talaga ang nakakonsumo,” Nanay Adelaida insisted.

If there’s really a leak, what’s sad is that Nanay Adelaida will continue receiving the huge bill because Maynilad workers can’t go to their house to check and fix the leak!