Woman Quickly Gets Out of Car Waiting at Traffic Light, Gives Food to Old Man Crossing Street

In this time of COVID-19 crisis, a lot of people are in need of food and other provisions because they lost their jobs and main sources of income. That’s why this is also a good time for helping each other, because many would definitely appreciate what little help that we might offer.

Recently, a woman was spotted quickly getting out of her car stopped at a traffic light, so she can give food to an old man crossing the street.

Mohd Aminudin spotted the sweet gesture and quickly snapped some photos which he shared on Facebook group, LANGKAWI SANA SINI.

Photo credit: Mohd Aminudin / Facebook

According to Aminudin, he and the woman were stopped at a red light at the Pokok Asam KFC, Langkawi in Malaysia when he saw her quickly jump out of her car to approach an old man crossing the street. She handed him what appears to be a bag of food.

Aminudin was touched by what he witnessed, particularly because he is certain that the woman did not know the old man personally but had only seen him as he crosses the street. The woman did not also take pictures of the kind deed, but simply gave the old man food without asking for anything in return.

It was a good thing that Aminudin captured the whole thing on camera – and he praised the woman for the kind action.

Photo credit: Mohd Aminudin / Facebook

Blessed Ramadhan to my Muslim brothers and sisters. I accidentally witnessed this woman who got down from her car at a red light by the Pokok Asam KFC to offer food to an elderly man who was crossing the road. What a noble heart you have, even though she is not Muslim, she still cares enough to be generous to everyone based on her humanity,” he wrote on the Facebook group.

I hope this post reaches her, the woman who gave the food to the elderly man. Thank you so much for your help.

Whoever you are, salute to you Ma’am!