Woman Orders iPhone 12 Pro Max from Apple Store, Receives Apple Drink

Thanks to modern technology used these days, it is so easy to buy something you need without leaving the comforts of your home. Sadly, however, this has also given the bad guys an easy way to earn cash.

A woman surnamed Liu from Anhui Province in East China learned this the hard way after receiving an apple drink instead of the iPhone 12 Pro Max she ordered from the Apple Store.

Photo credit: Tom’s World

The customer had actually been skeptical about ordering something online, especially a big-ticket item like this expensive iPhone. But she thought buying directly from the brand’s website will ensure that her order will be safe.

Liu bought the phone for 10,099 yuan ($1,550 or Php75,300) on February 16, paying for the order through the website’s secure platform. Apple sent the order through Express Mail Service (EMS) and the item was delivered to Liu’s residence just 2 days later.

The courier said he put the package in a parcel locker in my residential community, and I didn’t complain,” she explained.

Imagine her surprise when she checked the locker and found a box of apple juice inside, instead of the iPhone she ordered! Furious, Liu headed to the police station to report the incident. The police confirmed that they are investigating the matter and are sure that theft was involved, but they are still trying to determine how it happened.

Photo credit: Global Times

Apple is conducting a separate investigation on the matter, while EMS also made sure to check their records. Many netizens strongly believe that the delivery rider is the culprit but others also blamed Liu for letting the rider just leave the package at the locker considering that it is an expensive item.