Woman Orders 32-Inch TV from Online Store, Receives USB Cord and Apology Note

A woman ordered a 32-inch TV from an online store but was surprised to receive a USB cord and an apology note in the mail instead of her order. What’s worse, she tried to refund the purchase but had a hard time, saying that there is “no action” from the online store!

Lou M. Jose recently shared her bad experience after buying the TV from the online store. She knows that the online store is among the most popular in the Philippines, so she trusted that she won’t get duped by the seller.

Photo credit: Lou M. Jose / Facebook

What’s sad, however, is that she put her faith into the online store, only for the seller to disappoint her big time with the order she had actually paid for using her debit card.

The store is in China and wouldn’t accept the payment option for “cash on delivery”. Yet Lou did not mind paying for the purchase with cash as she really trusted the store.

Photo credit: Lou M. Jose / Facebook

She was surprised when the delivery guy arrived with a very small package. Confused, she asked whether there is another package but was told that this small pack was the only one for her.

Photo credit: Lou M. Jose / Facebook

Upon opening, she saw a USB cord with the note from the seller, apologizing for the inconvenience since the TV she ordered was already out of stock. She was told to simply file for a refund on the online store but she claimed that she received no response from the store.

She wrote:

Lazada Bogus/Modus Seller

Guys beware lang sa mga umoorder online… Nagorder po ako sa Lazada ng Smart TV 32 inches Ship from Overseas Direct from China… Ung payment through debit card dahil hindi pwede ang COD. Tiwala naman ako sa Lazada kaya nagorder ako at binayad ko tru debit card.

Bukod sa matagal ang delivery, pagkadeliver ng item sa bahay sobreng maliit lang nareceive ko. Hinahanap ko sa nagdeliver ung TV, wala daw. Pagkabukas ko sa sobre isang USB cord lang ang laman at may kasamang letter ng seller.

Photo credit: Lou M. Jose / Facebook

Sana sa una pa lang kung out of stock ung item kinancel na lang ung order ko at binalik ung pera ko. Pero hindi. Diniliver sa akin papel at USB cord. Halatang modus ito ng Seller. Tapos ngayon hindi ko na masearch ung store niya sa Lazada. Papalit palit ng account. Dapat si Lazada nirereview niya mabuti ung mga seller niya para di na mangyari ung ganito.

Photo credit: Lou M. Jose / Facebook

Nagrequest ako ng refund sa Lazada dahil hindi naman diniliver ang order ko. Pero ang Lazada walang aksyon na ginagawa. Sana i-review ng Lazada ang mga seller niya. dahil nakakasira sa company niyo ito. Malaking abala at sobrang stress ako sa pangyayari ito. Hindi ako titigil hangga’t di ko narerefund ung pinaghirapan kong ipunin. Please Lazada pakiimbestigahan po itong mabuti.

Guyz upload ko po ung pic ng bogus seller sa Lazada. Kaya please po ingat po tayo. Ayoko maranasan niyo naranasan ko. MapaCOD man yan ingat po tayo… Sobrang hirap at sobrang tagal po ng refund sa Lazada. Wala man lang silang ginagawang aksyon.”

Photo credit: Lou M. Jose / Facebook

It’s really sad that this happened to Lou. A lot of netizens said that this is the reason why they are wary about making big purchases online because their money might just disappear into thin air…