Woman Opens Emergency Exit to Walk on Plane’s Wing, Claims She’s Feeling ‘Too Hot’

A woman sparks trouble at the airport in Ukraine after opening the emergency exit to walk on the plane’s wing, claiming that she’s feeling ‘too hot’ inside the plane and can’t wait to get out.

Although not named in the news, the woman was said to be traveling with her two children who were left gawking after seeing their mom open the emergency exit as the plane landed at Boryspil Airport in Kiev, Ukraine from Turkey.

Photo credit: Prashant AviationTrip / YouTube

The Ukrainian woman tested negative for alcohol and illegal substance but was still fined a huge amount of money for the incident. It is not sure whether the airline will file a case against the woman for the security issue but what’s for sure is that she received a permanent ban against flying on the Ukraine International Airlines (UIA).

It is also possible that she will be blacklisted from flying on any airline due to the incident.

According to other travelers on the plane with the woman, she had been peacefully sitting with her kids throughout the flight. But after the plane landed, she moved from the tail of the plane towards the emergency exit.

Photo credit: Prashant AviationTrip / YouTube

The other passengers were quite surprised to see her open the latch and step out unto the plane wing that they did not have time to react. The action left her kids gawking and the pilot quickly called an ambulance, border control, and the police to take care of the situation.

The woman tried to explain that she was really just trying to take a breath of fresh air to ‘cool off’ because she was feeling ‘too hot’ inside the plane, but the authorities refused to accept her excuse.

Watch a video taken by someone outside the plane: