Woman Nabbed after Wishing COVID on Police Officer, His Kids Due to Checkpoint Issue

Last March 26, a woman was so angry at a policeman who refused to let her in at the checkpoint that she wished COVID-19 on him and his entire family, including his kids! She also called him ‘bobo’, posting angry words directed at him on her Facebook account. But her actions would soon land her in jail.

Jamellah Duatin, 27 years old and jobless, lives in San Manuel, Tarlac. She has a community quarantine pass from San Manuel but wants to enter the market in Moncada, Tarlac, claiming that her husband (who later turns out to be her live-in partner) is from Moncada.

Police Staff Sergeant (PSSg) Rogelio Palad calmly told Duatin that though her husband is from Moncada and has a community quarantine pass there, she isn’t allowed to get in because her pass is from another town. Apparently, her husband/live-in partner wasn’t with her; he would certainly be allowed to enter had he been there.

Because the policeman refused to believe her about her partner’s community quarantine pass, she got angry. But he still wouldn’t let her in. Palad was only doing his job and following orders, but the angry Duatin decided to make a post about him, mocking his intelligence and wishing COVID-19 on him and his entire family.

She even made a separate post about wanting to spit on him – and refusing to respect him, wishing instead that he would lose his entire family, especially his children.

The scathing words angered a lot of netizens who defended the policeman who was just doing his job. Word soon reached the policeman who received screenshots of Duatin’s post from friends and family. Palad decided not to let this pass. He filed a blotter at the police station. Hours later, Duatin was nabbed from her home in San Manuel.

Duatin now faces multiple charges – and should be an example for everyone to keep their temper at bay. Our frontliners are just doing their best to keep us safe. Let’s afford them the respect and obedience they deserve.

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Posted by Tarlac Ppo Pio on Thursday, March 26, 2020