Woman Lets ‘Fur Baby’ Wear Dress She Wore for Christening, Draws Mixed Reactions

A lot of animal lovers treat their pets as part of the family, considering these animals as their ‘fur baby’. Many even let their fur babies sleep on the same bed they use, dress them up, and buy expensive stuff as treats!

But one woman recently went viral after letting her fur baby wear the dress she wore for her christening. While that isn’t exactly something bad, netizens didn’t feel happy that her mom considered the dress an heirloom item, but she let a dog wear it…

Photo credit: Erriel Saplala / Facebook

Sabi noon ni mama sa akin itago ko raw yung damit na ginamit ko noong bininyagan ako para magamit pa ng magiging anak ko,” Erriel Saplala wrote as she shared photos of herself as a baby wearing the dress during her christening and pictures of her fur baby wearing it now.

Ngayon na isa na akong ina, gusto ko sundin ang sinabi ni mama sa akin. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na makita ko ang aking anak na suot ang dati kong damit.

Photo credit: Erriel Saplala / Facebook

Her fur baby named Larkin looks so cute in that christening dress, making a lot of netizens smile in agreement as they see themselves doing the same thing with their own pets, too.

But not everyone was happy with what Erriel had done. There were a lot of netizens who think that the dress is too precious for an animal to wear, especially because Erriel’s mom had spent many years keeping it in excellent condition for her daughter to wear in the future!

Photo credit: Erriel Saplala / Facebook

Many think that an animal does not deserve to wear the dress, yet other pet lovers think that Erriel did not do anything wrong because she considers Larkin as her baby. Just because Larkin is a fur baby, it does not mean that she is less of a baby than Erriel’s own human child.


The debate continues but Erriel doesn’t seem to mind what these netizens think. After all, her fur baby really looks so adorable in that outfit, right?