Woman Goes Viral for Completing 2 Degrees, Starting PhD, and Buying House at 21

How old were you when you graduated from college and bought your own house using your hard-earned money? While many people graduate in their 20s, most only get to start on that dream house by the time they reach their 30s or even 40s – and a lot don’t ever get to buy their own homes.

But one 21-year-old woman has impressed everyone after she bought a house with her own money at that age, while also completing two degrees (one bachelor’s and one MBA) and now starting her PhD!

Photo credit: Pakeezah Zubairi / Instagram

At such a tender age when everyone else is still trying to figure out what to do next after graduation, Pakeezah Zubairi from Florida is already living her dreams.

This came with a heavy price, however, as the young woman often got just 2 hours of sleep each day as she juggled her studies with a full-time job. Moreover, her family got angry with her choices and refused to talk to her when she bought her house and moved in with her boyfriend, Steven.

Photo credit: Pakeezah Zubairi / Instagram

It was tough moving out, I come from a very religious background and they stopped talking to me when I left because they wanted me to be this good little Muslim girl and that just wasn’t for me,” she explained.

I feel like all I did from high school until I got my house was work and study – during my master’s I worked full time while my course was full time as well. I would write papers until five o’clock in the morning and then sleep two hours and get up for work.

While many of us would buy lots of good stuff with our hard-earned money, Pakeezah and her boyfriend still lived a very frugal lifestyle.

Photo credit: Pakeezah Zubairi / Instagram

I was saving money wherever I could, I never ate out, I didn’t go out drinking, nor did I spend a penny on designer clothes, gadgets or holidays,” Pakeezah said.

My boyfriend Steven was a massive help, he stayed up with me to study and we bought the cheapest food we could which was all pretty awful for our bodies, ready meals and super noodles. My friend would drive me from work to school every day.

Since her family refused to talk to her, Steven’s family became her second family. They were supportive of her plans and felt happy that she planned to continue with her studies.

Photo credit: Pakeezah Zubairi / Instagram

According to Pakeezah, she spent most of her teenage days working and studying. While studying in high school, she was also earning part of her university credits as she enrolled in BS Psychology at Lynn University, Florida.

Since the school let her do that, she was able to complete the degree in a short time and was ready to enroll for her MBA in Human Resources Management which she completed by the time she was just 20 years old. At this time, she also bought the house.

Now that she’s 21, Pakeezah is studying for her PhD but now has more time to enjoy her life.

When I look back to the work we put in I’m just so happy with what I have achieved and what we have achieved as couple. I’m the youngest student to ever graduate from an MBA business course at my university and that feels amazing,” she explained.

It was all worth it, I’m independent, working and studying in subjects I love and it’s all thanks to the hard work of my younger years and the support of my amazing boyfriend. We’re just over the moon.

As for people saying that missed out on her youth, Pakeezah said she doesn’t mind that all that fun is happening now that she is in her 20s.

I probably missed out on a lot of teenage stuff like going out, takeaway food and girls holidays but now I’m getting to do it all in my twenties,” she declared.

Isn’t this wonderful? Congratulations, Pakeezah!