Woman Finds Spooky Photos of Accident Taken 1 Hour Before It Happened

A woman was left doubly scared when she found spooky photos of the accident she figured in, taken 1 hour before it happened! What’s worse, she also found photos on her phone that showed her standing at the sidewalk but swore that she never handed her phone to anyone who could have taken the photo!

Now, that’s really creepy…

It’s like something straight out of the movies, but Faizah Mohd Noh couldn’t really understand what happened either.

Photo credit: Faizah Mohd Noh / Facebook

Faizah was just driving by herself along Taman Wira Mergong, Kota Setar, Kedah in Malaysia when the accident happened. It was 7:30AM on October 11 when she stopped for the red light. When the light turned green, she proceeded across the intersection but her vehicle was hit by another that tried to beat the red light from another direction.

The car turned 180 degrees. The impact was so strong that the doors on one side of the car were stuck and couldn’t be opened.

Thankfully, Faizah was alright. She immediately called 999 to report the accident and seek assistance; she also called her friends to tell them about the accident.

The accident happened in front of a mosque so the people there came to my aid. I can still remember people asking me whether I’m injured or not,” Faizah recalled.

Photo credit: Faizah Mohd Noh / Facebook

The kindhearted bystanders told her to get off the car and stand at the sidewalk while they waited for the cops to arrive. She picked up her phone and her bag.

According to Faizah, she took two photos of the accident scene for evidence, but was shocked to find there were more than two pictures – and several had time stamps taken 1 hour before the accident happened. Moreover, there were pictures of her talking to the bystanders at the sidewalk, but she never gave her phone to anyone.

However, when I went through my phone’s gallery, I was terrified to discover that there were more than two pictures!” she shared, pointing out that the pictures were taken at 6:26AM.

That’s not all, you can see me outside of the car in one of the pictures. I am very sure that I hadn’t handed over the phone to anyone during the accident so this is really freaky.

Photo credit: Faizah Mohd Noh / Facebook

Netizens think that the phone’s time might have been affected by the accident, but she tested the phone after seeing the strange photos and the clock was accurate. Still, there’s no explanation as to why she could appear in those photos at the sidewalk.

It’s so mysterious how I could appear in the picture,” Faizah declared.

We’re all scratching our heads, too…

Sources: Faizah Mohd Noh / Facebook, World of Buzz