Woman Finds Perfect Travel Hack, Wears 4kg of Clothes to Avoid Excess Baggage Charges

Airlines charge rather expensive excess baggage fees, especially for international flights! But one woman found a way to solve this problem without paying a cent of the extra charges by wearing several clothes at once! LOL.

Flying to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands for a holiday on a Thomas Cook flight from Manchester, UK, 30-year-old Natalie Wynn was rather surprised to discover that she had overpacked her luggage and was way over the regular limit of 6 kilogram per passenger, as posted on her ticket.

Photo credit: Times Now News

The airline wants to charge her £65 ($84.50) for the excess luggage because her total amounted to 9.4kg (3.4kg in excess), but she didn’t have that much money on her account. With just £60 ($78) on her card, she was already short on cash even to pay for the excess baggage charges – but she had wanted to use that money for food and other incidental expenses she might need during her trip.

One option, of course, was for Natalie to leave some of her stuff at the airport but she also wished to bring everything for her trip. So, the young woman removed several items from her heavy luggage and began putting them on! Some of the other travelers thought it was hilarious to see Natalie wearing several of her clothes at once, but others admired her determination and offered to pack some of her stuff in their bags.

The young lady was actually quite lucky to receive such offer from the other travelers – and that the airline staff were more amused than annoyed over her antics. Other airlines would have called security on her or forced her to pay up, but the ground crew even told her she could take off the clothes once she boards the plane.

Would you believe that she wore two pairs of shorts, seven dresses, a skirt, a cardigan, and even two pairs of shoes? She would have surely experienced difficulties in walking towards the plane – not to mention how absolutely hot that must have felt! Whew!

I was boiling, absolutely boiling. I still had plenty in my case but I put near enough half of what I’ve put on,” Natalie shared, but was happy that she was allowed on the flight.

Seeing that she was able to get away with the excess baggage charge on her trip to the Canary Islands, netizens are hoping she could still do that on her trip back to the UK. Meanwhile, other netizens are happy with the new travel hack they learned from Natalie and hoped they could also get away with the same trick should they encounter the same situation…

Sources: Times Now News