Woman Falls in Love with DJ at Her Wedding, Guy Leaves Wife of 27 Years to Be with Her

Love comes in the most unexpected places – and you might even meet your soulmate at your wedding with another person! Whoa. That sounds a bit melodramatic but that’s exactly what happened to a couple, 49-year-old Mark Stone and 26-year-old Megan Willis.

The two met in November 2015 through Megan’s sister, Kirsten.

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Megan was planning for her July 2016 wedding at the time and was looking for a DJ. Kirsten introduced her to Mark, the DJ at The Crazy Tuna Bar & Grill in Essex, near the sisters’ hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.

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My sister went to this bar a lot and when I came home to visit from Saratoga Springs, New York, she took me to the Crazy Tuna. She introduced me to DJ Mark Stone and his brother who was part owner of the Crazy Tuna,” Megan recalled.

Every time I came home to visit we would go to the Crazy Tuna and most of the time Mark was there. He was such a people person, so much fun and we loved to goof off with him.

Thinking how great Mark is as DJ at the bar, Megan decided that he’s the best guy to hire for the wedding gig.

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But a year after getting married, Megan feels bad about her husband who keeps on ignoring her. She claims that he’s always playing video games or watching TV with his headphones on, making her feel that she’s not important in his life.

Saying she’s the type who wants to “go out and explore the world” rather than spend the entire day stuck at home while her husband is lost in his video games, she went home by herself to visit her family about a year after getting married.

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About a year later I’m home visiting and we go to the Crazy Tuna, Mark is there and we talk about my marriage and how I’m not happy in it. After that night that conversation continued because Mark was having some similar issues in his marriage of 27 years. So we started chatting daily,” Megan shared.

I realized that I shouldn’t have to feel non-existent or beg for someone’s attention, so I filed for divorce. Talking with Mark really led me to the realization that I shouldn’t have to beg my husband for attention.

Realizing that she’s falling in love with the DJ who played at her wedding with another guy, Megan tried to hide her feelings. She relocated to North Carolina after the divorced was finalized, but Mark had also filed for divorce from his wife of 27 years. When that divorce was finalized, he would fly to North Carolina to be with Megan.

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But Mark later explained that Megan was not the third party in his relationship because his wife left him first. She just made him realize that there’s more to life than his bad marriage.

And it would seem that these two were truly meant for each other, despite the 23-year age gap. Unlike her previous husband, Mark was very attentive to Megan – and took her to many outdoor trips she so wanted back with her ex. Meanwhile, Megan’s love made Mark happy again.

For me, my siblings, and even my kids had reservations about me even getting into a new relationship, much less the age gap, but when they saw me finding happiness again, they all concurred that as long as I was happy, nothing else mattered,” Mark explained.

They do hear whispers behind their backs, but the couple doesn’t mind; they simply love each other too much to care what other people think.

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Most people whisper something like, ‘do you think she’s with him?’ When we hear stuff like that we just kiss or do something that makes sure it’s obvious to let them know and then we laugh about it. We don’t care what anyone thinks anymore,” Megan shared.

I hope people see our age gap and the love that we have for each other and for an age gap relationship to be less ‘odd’ and to remove the stigma that if a female is with an older male that she’s with him for money.

Photo credit: wearemarkandmegan / Instagram

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