Woman Divides Her Rice and Sardines for Her Dogs, Makes Sure They Can Still Eat

She lives in the shack beside a bank in West Avenue, Quezon City, but Nanay Hazel recently went viral for having a rich heart for her dogs as she made sure they can still eat despite the difficulties she is facing in life.

Atty. Liavel Badillo-Crisostomo was inside her car when she noticed Nanay Hazel bring out a small plastic bag filled with rice. Curious, the lawyer watched closely as the woman divided the food, one portion for her while the other half was divided into her two dogs’ food bowls! Then, she opened a can of sardines and also took half, before distributing the other half to her dogs.

Surprised by what she witnessed and touched by the woman’s gesture for her dogs despite not having a lot of food, Atty. Lia approached her.

Photo credit: Lia Badillo-Crisostomo / Facebook

“Nanay, wala na nga po kayo makain tapos binibigyan niyo pa mga aso ninyo?” she asked.

“Parang mga anak ko na sila, kung ano kakainin ko, yun din kakainin nila,” Nanay Hazel replied.

It was truly touching.

“Her words warmed my heart greatly. Kung sino pa yung walang wala, sila pa ang mapagbigay. I offered to give her some money but she refused. However, I insisted and placed the money inside her pocket. She was so grateful. The smile she gave me was one of the highlights of my day,” the lawyer wrote.

“We can all learn a thing or two from Nanay Hazel. The beatitudes say, “Blessed are the poor”. They don’t say, “Blessed are those who care for the poor. Kung makakadaan po kayo sa may BDO West Avenue, fronting Sangkalan, abutan po ninyo si Nanay Hazel.

Photo credit: Lia Badillo-Crisostomo / Facebook

This is truly a wonderful lesson of unconditional love. Even if Nanay Hazel didn’t much food, she still made sure her dogs can still eat. No one is left hungry. God bless po, Nanay Hazel…