Woman Demands Lechon, Cellphone Worth Php10k from Child’s Ninang

Godparents, called as ‘ninongs’ and ninangs’ in the Philippines, are supposed to be a child’s second parents and would act as guide to these children while they are growing up.

But it has long been part of the Filipino culture for these godparents to give gifts to their godchildren – and parents have long expected them to actually do it every single year!

Photo credit: Click the City

What’s really sad is that there are people who demand that their children’s ninongs and ninangs should give gifts every year and that they should make sure the gifts are expensive if they can’t give for a long period of time!

Netizen Armie Armie shared the conversation she had with a friend whose child is turning 4 years old but demands that she give the kid lechon, balloons, and a cellphone worth Php10,000. Whoa.

In a conversation in Bisaya, the said friend messaged Armie to inform her that the child will be having a birthday party soon. She, Armie, should give the child a gift because she hasn’t sent anything for the past 2 years, the woman argued.

Stock photo; Image credit: Verizon

Armie informed her friend that she doesn’t have a lot of money and that she is also having a difficult time these days, amid the COVID-19 crisis. She promised to give the child a toy.

But the demanding friend told Armie that she should give an expensive gift (like a lechon and Php10k cellphone, huh?) because she does not have a child of her own. When she continued to insist that she can’t give that much, the friend told her that she can’t understand what the woman is going through because she doesn’t have a child. Tsk. Tsk.

Irked with her friend but still with her humor intact, Armie called out her friend on her social media account and joked that she needs someone to lend her money so she can buy that cellphone and lechon for her friend’s daughter…

Ulbo ang kaspa sa tanan. Unsaon pagdemand ug cp na worth 10k? Plus lechon and balloons? Ahaha so kung walay anak…

Posted by Armie Armie on Saturday, August 15, 2020