Woman Breaks Windows, Swims in Flood Water to Rescue Husband’s Gundam Collection

When there are emergency situations wherein there is a need to escape, make sure to leave as fast as possible.

Rescue missions should be done with extra caution to make sure that you will not be putting anyone’s life in more danger. That is quite tricky, of course – and things could still go wrong, even in the most carefully planned missions.

Photo credit: Weibo

For most people, valuables like important documents, money, and communication devices are among the top things they would carry with them as they flee from their homes. With usually limited space in rescue vehicles, you can only bring so little.

But one woman earned her husband’s eternal gratitude when she rescued his Gundam action figure collection. The woman had to break some windows and swim in flood water to do it! Wow.

According to the water level warning line issued by the community, they thought it would not flood the second floor, but the water level rose. He can’t swim. His wife swims across the Yangtze River and assessed that the risk of stagnant water is not high and she has a life jacket, so she decided to save Gundam,” an eyewitness explained.

Photo credit: Weibo

The husband was so thankful over his wife’s actions that he declared, “I will never let you down in this life.

There has been a lot of flooding in Yudong, Chongqing, China; thus, netizens think that the couple had skewed priorities and shouldn’t have taken more of the rescuers’ time by saving the action figures. After all, each minute is precious in such situations.

Photo credit: Weibo

A lot of people were not happy that the rescuers had to wait for the woman to get the action figures. However, some believe that the couple might think that the Gundam collection is their most prized possessions. After all, each action figure could cost around $40 (Php2,000) each, even more.

Maybe the woman wanted to save the action figures because these costed them a lot of money and they might also sell the items if they would really need some cash?