Woman Belittles Breastfeeding Mothers, Pities Them for Being “Too Poor to Buy Milk”

Netizens were left scratching their heads after reading a post about a woman who belittled breastfeeding mothers, saying that she pities them for being “too poor to buy milk” – because she thinks that formula milk is the healthier milk and breastmilk isn’t good at all! Tsk. Tsk.

In the post, the woman whose name was withheld for privacy reasons, messaged someone she respectfully calls as “Ma’am” to say her piece. This woman, whose surname is believed to be Limbak, told this “Ma’am” that her baby is so pitiful because the child is only getting breastmilk.

She looks down on the other woman, saying that it’s really sad that this breastfeeding mother can’t afford to buy milk for her baby.

Ma’am, breastfed pala yung anak mo? Wala ka bang pambili ng gatas para sa kanya? Nakakaawa naman yung anak mo maam kasi hindi siya makatikim ng gatas para healthy siya,” the woman wrote the breastfeeding mom.

Hindi na lang sana kayo nag-anak kung papadedehin mo lang din naman sa iyo. Nakakaawa talaga si baby kasi gatas mo lang naiinom niya.

Photo credit: Netizen Express

The woman added that breastmilk does not even taste good and it is not healthy for the baby because it could cause stomachaches.

Hindi na siya healthy, masisira pa tiyan niya kasi hindi talaga masarap ang gatas ng nanay tapos bini-breastfeed niyo pa. Ako tuloy naaawa sa mga baby na breastfed ng kanilang mama – wala palang pambili ng gatas, gumagawa ng anak!” the woman ended the post.

Photo credit: Netizen Express

Netizens were shocked with the woman’s sentiments, saying that breastmilk is the most precious and healthiest milk that moms can give to their babies. The woman is really so wrong.