Woman Asks Nadine Lustre for Photo, Makes Fun of the Actress Afterwards

A lot of people love to take photos with their favorite showbiz personalities because they genuinely love these stars! But there are those who just want to take a photo with the stars for bragging rights on social media – and they don’t even mind laughing at these stars, not realizing that they were given the privilege to take the photo.

Sadly, a lot of people have this mistaken notion that these stars are supposed to oblige anyone who wants to take a photo with them, just because they are public figures!

Photo credit: Facebook / Yvone JaDine Alamag

Recently, one woman went viral for making fun of Nadine Lustre after she had a photo taken with the young actress.

A certain Jessa Dulay had asked Nadine for a photo taken with the actress – and the latter readily obliged, smiling for the camera as she posed beside the woman. Nadine must have thought Jessa was a fan; sadly, it was actually the opposite – Jessa didn’t like Nadine!

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, Jessa captioned the photo with a rather nasty remark.

Nakipicture ako sa artistang ayoko,” Jessa wrote, adding the hashtag for Nadine’s name.

Photo credit: Facebook / Yvone JaDine Alamag

This angered a lot of Nadine’s fans; but even non-fans were seething over what Jessa did, considering that she had surely asked the actress for the photo opportunity, not the other way around!

Sana dika nag papicture ano to ? Katangahan lang ?? Ayaw mo pala sa kanya ey . Dika naman pinilit nyan ikaw kusang lumapit huwaw nalang talaga sayo ateng feelingera to masyado,” one netizen commented.

One of her friends chimed in, joking that she thought Nadine and Jessa looked like twins. Jessa and second woman, a certain Celyn Balcita, would soon make fun of the actress and laugh at her for being flat-chested. Celyn even said that Nadine’s smile wasn’t really big because she knew Jessa won, an apparent allusion to the chest issue.

Photo credit: Facebook / Yvone JaDine Alamag

Jessa Dulay if talagang maganda ka bakit d ka nag-artista at nag teacher ka pa Yan b Kaya mo ituro sa mga students mo? Maging black sheep? Bbbbaaaassssuuuurrrraaaaaaa…” an angry netizen remarked.

Then, Jessa even accused James Reid, Nadine’s boyfriend, of harming the young actress as she had bruises on her arm! This angered more netizens who pointed out that the ‘bruises’ on Nadine’s arms were actually scars. It can be recalled that the actress had shared photos of the burns on her arm last August.

Photo credit: Facebook / Yvone JaDine Alamag

After drawing flak over the post, Jessa has since deactivated her account, but karma is digital. A lot of netizens had already taken screenshots of her post and reposted these on social media.

This should really be a lesson to all…

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