Woman, 35, Announces Relationship with Stepson, 20, after Breaking Up with His Dad

It’s like a plot from a movie, but this unbelievable relationship story actually happened in real life!

Marina Balmasheva of Slavyansk-na-Kubani in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, recently went viral for announcing her relationship with her stepson after breaking up with his dad!

Marina, 35, is an influencer who gained a massive following after documenting her weight loss journey. Many loved her new look, especially because she looks much younger and more confident than her previous fat self.

Photo credit: Marina Balmasheva / Instagram

But her new confidence and new body had put a rift between her and her then-husband, Alexey Shavyrin. They got married 13 years ago. The relationship had been great at first and Marina even adopted all of Alexey’s 5 kids from a previous marriage.

Yet things turned sour as the years passed by. Alexey and Marina eventually divorced – and that’s because of Marina’s relationship with his son, Vladimir.

Marina met Vladimir back when he was still 7 years old. She practically raised him and had been his second mom for over a decade. But things turned different as he grew older and she fell out of love with his dad. It’s a complicated situation that led to the divorce yet Marina wouldn’t change a thing, she said. She’s now happier and very much in love with Vladimir.

In an Instagram post, Marina shared two photos – one a throwback to when they first met (him at 7 and she at 22) and a recent photo as a couple (him at 20, her at 35). They are two consenting adults and they are not related by blood, of course, but netizens think it’s still weird that they would end up together and plan to get married soon…

Photo credit: Marina Balmasheva / Instagram

You never know how life will turn out and when you will meet a person who makes you smile,” Marina wrote.

Family reunions would definitely be so awkward but Marina vows to remain a mom to the rest of Alexey’s children while also planning to marry one of them. Strange, huh? But for Marina and Vladimir, they’re meant to be for each other. It does not matter if the world will judge them for their love, though. because they are both happy.