Wife Stops Husband’s Wedding to Another Woman, Even Takes Out Lechon Afterwards

Netizens are praising the actions of a strong woman who stormed into a church to stop her husband from getting married to another woman – and she even took out some lechon and other food afterwards! Now, that’s impressive, huh?

Cleofe Boquia of Lopez Jaena, Misamis Occidental bravely went to the church after learning that her husband was getting married to another woman. While it might be rather embarrassing, she stormed into the church and stopped the wedding!

Itigil ang kasal! Ako ang legal wife!” the 41-year-old Cleofe shouted in Bisaya as she marched up the aisle.

It was a moment that you often see in the movies but don’t really expect to happen in real life – and it is certainly every bride’s nightmare come to life! Whew.

According to Cleofe, she met her husband “Jerry” (not his real name) while they were students in Cebu in the 1990s. He courted with lavish gifts and flowers.

She didn’t think he was serious at the time because there were lots of other girls in love with him but he persisted, and even followed her to her hometown in Mindanao after graduation. They tied the knot in a civil wedding held in 1999.

At first, the two had a great life. Cleofe worked as Loan Consultant while Jerry is a Seaman who spent many months abroad. They have four kids together. They also had some businesses that include a boarding house.

One day, however, Cleofe discovered that Jerry had a girlfriend in the boarding house. He did not even deny it; instead, he proudly told her that he is in a relationship with the younger woman and no longer loves her.

This would be a problem that would hound the couple for many years, with Jerry eventually ‘ghosting’ his wife and not sending support to his family.

One day, Cleofe learned that Jerry is getting married. Taking with her documents to prove that they are legally married, Cleofe went to the church… While she knows she and her husband would never be together again, she knows that she has the power to stop the wedding and make her husband support their children again!

It amused a lot of netizens that she even got some lechon and other food afterwards! But she explained that though she felt embarrassed afterwards, in her anger she forget about embarrassment because she and the kids were hungry but her husband had spent a lot of money on the lavish wedding with another woman!

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