Wife Discovers Husband’s Secret Money Stash after Cat Exposes Box from Hiding Place

While it is not really a good idea to hide secrets from your wife or husband, people still tend to do so. Keep in mind, however, that no secret remains hidden forever – and sometimes it gets exposed in the most unexpected way…

A woman in Thailand named Bow Kanuengnuch recently shared the hilarious way she discovered that her husband was actually hiding some cash from her when their cat exposed his secret.

Photo credit: Bow Kanuengnuch / Facebook

According to Kanuengnuch, she had been asking her husband for money to pay for household expenses, but he kept saying he’s broke. She believed him, of course, but wished he had money to pay for the bills.

But one day while her husband was out, their cat climbed the cabinet in their living room and caused a box to fall from its hiding place. As the box crashed to the floor, money was scattered around – and the feline acted so innocently as Kanuengnuch discovered the mess that she couldn’t help but laugh.

Photo credit: Bow Kanuengnuch / Facebook

It turned out Kanuengnuch’s husband had been saving 100 Thailand Baht ($3.27) bills in the box which he hid over the cabinet. He was able to save more than 2,000 Thailand Baht ($65.34).

While Kanuengnuch did not mention whether the money was enough to pay for the household bills she had asked him pay earlier, many netizens believe the husband was in big trouble now that she discovered the secret.

But the woman appears to be in a good mood as she posted the photos; though we wonder who could act more innocent, the cat or the husband? LOL.

Sources: Bow Kanuengnuch / Facebook, World of Buzz