Wife Defends Husband from Girlfriend, Gets Enraged after Girl Tells Truth about ‘Lost’ iPhone

A 19-year-old girl went to Raffy Tulfo to seek help in getting appropriate child custody from her policeman ‘ex-boyfriend’ who is now married to another woman. But netizens were not happy with the wife defending her husband, particularly because it was clear that he had been seeing many women behind her back.

And while the wife continues to defend her husband, she got enraged after learning the truth about her ‘lost’ iPhone 5…

Melizabeth Salapudin claimed that she had no idea PCpl Jomar Caranto had another girlfriend when she entered into a relationship with him. She further claimed that she was already pregnant when she learned that Jomar’s then-girlfriend Rica was also pregnant and the two would be getting married after she filed a complaint against him for child support.

But Jomar was assigned in Maguindanao after someone went to Camp Crame to report him for not giving child support to her baby. The couple blamed Melizabeth but the younger woman said it wasn’t her at all.

Rica continues to defend her husband even when the three were finally able to meet face to face at the Barangay Hall of Barangay 376, Blumentritt, Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Kagawad Rose Sagum confirmed that Jomar promised to send Php4,000 to Melizabeth as child support, but the full amount was only given once in June. The next month, Melizabeth only received Php3,000; Rica claimed the money came from her own earnings because Jomar was already in Maguindanao at the time.

Rica and Jomar try to discredit Melizabeth, saying she had other boyfriends aside from Jomar. This led the younger woman to ask for a DNA test on the child to prove Jomar’s paternity.

As the two continued to gang up on Melizabeth, the latter told Rica that it was wrong for her to continually defend her husband considering that he has a lot of girlfriends. Moreover, she told Rica that it was Jomar who gave her a cellphone because she was too poor to buy a good one for herself.

While she was first given a Cherry Mobile phone, Jomar would give her an iPhone 5 which Rica originally owned. Jomar reportedly told Rica the phone was lost but he actually gave it to Melizabeth. The policeman denied this, but his enraged wife threw her envelope of ‘evidence’ at Melizabeth as she demanded to see the iPhone 5 and get it back.

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