VIDEO: Who Knew Goats Could Also Act Like Pet Dogs?

What’s your favorite pet? Most of people have dogs or cats as pets; some have fish or birds. But there are those people who have unusual pets – some have wild animals like lions and tigers while some actually have farm animals such as pigs and goats as pets!

In Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental in central Philippines, one man went viral for having a rather smart pet goat! This pet goat acts like a dog, following his master around and even doing tricks that are often associated with dogs.

Photo credit: Gen O’neil Cisneros Valiao / Facebook

A video recently went viral of the man’s pet goat following him to a bakery where they bought bread. The goat stood on its hind legs to ask the man for food – and he gave his pet a few nibbles before they headed out of the bakery.

Photo credit: Gen O’neil Cisneros Valiao / Facebook

But what really amazed netizens is that the goat recognized their motorcycle parked just outside the bakery. Once outside the bakery, the goat jumped unto their motorcycle and waited for his master at the back seat.

When the man rode the motorcycle, the goat stood at the back and its front legs ‘hugged’ the man for safety. As the man drove, the goat rode at the back just like what a pet dog would do that it really gained a lot of fans.

Photo credit: Gen O’neil Cisneros Valiao / Facebook

Netizens loved how this goat was so smart to act like a pet dog – and admired the man for having this pet goat. Isn’t this cool?

Grave to guys..akala nyo guys aso lng kaya gumawa nito…pero mas magaling to mga tol ..isang kambing tol..panoorin nyo mga tol…

Posted by Gen O'neil Cisneros Valiao on Thursday, November 8, 2018