While Pinoys Want to Learn Their Language, This Korean Student Graduates from a Filipino Course

With the rise in popularity of Korean TV shows, movies, and songs across Asia, particularly in the Philippines, it is not uncommon for many netizens to wish that they know how to speak (and write!) in the Korean language.

In fact, there are a lot of Filipinos who already know several Korean words as they are fond of following these popular Korean artists and their shows. But one Korean went viral for something that is totally unexpected as she graduates from her course in Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Studies, Major in Filipino!

Photo credit: Jovy M Peregrino / Facebook

On his Facebook page, University of the Philippines (UP) professor Jovy M Peregrino shares photos of Kim Jeeyoon as he congratulates the young woman for completing her degree at Busan University of Foreign Studies.

The Filipino professor is ecstatic over the good news considering that he’s also a Filipino major. Yet it’s amazing that someone who is not Filipino would actually take a course in the language – and not simply as an elective subject in college but actually as a major!

Pagbati. Kim Jeeyoon sa iyong pagtatapos sa Busan University of Foreign Studies major sa Filipino. Ikinararangal kita. Mabuhay ka,” Peregrino wrote on his Facebook page.

The post was met with both surprise and admiration among Filipino netizens who just could not believe someone, particularly a young Korean woman, would be interested to learn the Filipino language.

Photo credit: Jovy M Peregrino / Facebook

Considering that Filipino does not even make it to the Top 25 most popular languages in the world, based on the number of speakers, it’s impressive that Jeeyoon would actually pick Filipino as her language of choice for her course.

Busan University of Foreign Studies offers language courses under three different colleges, namely the College of Occidental Studies, the College of Oriental Studies, and the College of English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Eastern languages taught in the school include Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Burmese, Hindi, and Uzbek. Meanwhile, Western languages offered include English as well as Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Italian, and German.

Photo credit: Jovy M Peregrino / Facebook

Thanks for choosing Filipino – mabuhay ka, Kim Jeeyoon!

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