Wheelchair-Bound 86-Year-Old Doctor Comes Out of Retirement, Helps in Wuhan Outbreak

With so many doctors and nurses working overtime, with most not having enough time to rest with so many patients to treat, Wuhan faces new problems over the virus outbreak and how to treat everyone affected. Understanding that every kind of help is needed, an 86-year-old retired doctor comes out retirement to help, even if he is wheelchair-bound himself due to mobility problems.

Professor Dong earned praise on social media as he volunteered to help even if he retired a long time ago.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

It was last year when Professor Dong required a wheelchair because he could no longer walk and stand up for a long time without help. But even with his own difficulties, the kindhearted doctor went back to Wuhan Children’s Hospital where he worked as pediatrician for many decades.

The hospital had so many patients that some are already sharing beds. The medical staff are scrambling to treat everyone, even as new patients come in. Many of the hungry, overworked doctors and nurses are screaming with fatigue but continue to help save as many lives as they can.

Here’s a video of a doctor breaking down, screaming that she can’t take it anymore:

Overworked medic meltdown

Overworked medic in Wuhan breaks, screams that she can't take it anymore.

Posted by Shanghaiist on Friday, January 24, 2020

In these hard times, medical staff are having a hard time – and they should truly be hailed as heroes.

For instance, despite being wheelchair-bound, Professor Dong does rounds across the hospital to check on his patients. He also worked extended hours to tend to walk-in patients. He knows that he could also contract the virus, but this kind doctor is serious in performing his sworn duty as doctor.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

Professor Dong treated as many as 30 patients since he came out of retirement after Wuhan issued a lockdown on Thursday, January 23. Everyone praised his actions, saying that he could have so easily stayed out of the hospital and simply enjoyed his retirement, leaving everything to the younger doctors, yet he chose to serve instead – even if that meant he might even get sick from the outbreak!

Kudos to you, Professor Dong! We also hail all the medical staff working overtime to save the patients’ lives…