Wedding in Benguet Goes Viral for Unique Vegetable Décor Instead of Flowers

Everyone wants to have a beautifully decorated venue for their wedding. That’s the reason why most weddings often have plenty of flowers and various floral pieces at the altar, aisle, tables, and all over the venue.

But one wedding in Benguet recently went viral for having lots of vegetables as decoration instead of flowers! The venue looks great even when the entire place was decorated in huge heads of cabbages, Chinese pechay, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Photo credit: Claver and Fleann Molot / Facebook

Claver and Fleann Molot exchanged vows amid the vegetable decorations at the San Jose Parish Church in La Trinidad, Benguet last July 2019.

Photo credit: Claver and Fleann Molot / Facebook

Their unique wedding recently made waves on social media after it was featured by some local new sites.

The couple revealed that the vegetable décor was the brainchild of their aunt who thought that vegetables would not just look great as decoration for their wedding, it would also be cost-effective and unique.

Photo credit: Claver and Fleann Molot / Facebook

Realizing that their aunt was right, the couple supported her idea.

What with the huge cabbages that you aren’t likely to find in markets near your home, the vegetables in this wedding were really quite impressive!

Thanks to the brilliant idea, the newlyweds were able to save a lot of money on the wedding décor because the vegetables were huge but were much cheaper than flowers. Moreover, they only had few flowers placed with the vegetables because the greens already looked great even without accents.

Photo credit: Claver and Fleann Molot / Facebook

While the altar was decked mostly in Chinese pechay and cabbage, the aisle had décor pieces made from cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli. This truly unique wedding deserves its viral popularity.

Photo credit: Claver and Fleann Molot / Facebook

Plus, at the end of the wedding the guests were able to go home with some vegetables in tow from the wedding décor! Now, that’s truly something impressive, huh?

Sources: CF Appgel Molot / Facebook, GMA News