Wedding Gets Interrupted by Postman Asking Bride to Sign Parcel Delivery

A postman has received much attention on the internet after he interrupted a wedding to ask the bride to sign the parcel delivery of an item she ordered from an online store. Thankfully, the bride and groom were more amused than angry about the situation, even posing for a photo with the postman afterwards. LOL.

Peny, the bride from Malaysia, was so amused about the situation that she later shared photos of the interruption on Twitter. Understandably, netizens were quite amused, and the photo would receive over 22,700 retweets and 14,000 likes.

Photo credit: Twitter / @penyp3n

Hmm, I can now predict what my future will be like if even on our wedding day, a postman shows up to deliver your parcel,” Peny joked.

Comments on her post were quite hilarious as a lot of netizens just can’t get over the fact that this postman was brave enough to interrupt the wedding just to get the bride to sign the package.

When you want to get married but Lazada has a sale,” one netizen joked.

Many praised the postman; though others thought he deserves to be invited to the reception. Others pointed out that the postman seemed a little bit unsure whether he was doing the right thing but had to get the job done.

Photo credit: Twitter / @penyp3n

That postman’s face was hilarious. He probably thought to himself, ‘Am I doing the right thing? Please sign quickly!” another netizen commented.

But this postman didn’t really mean to be rude. He works for Pos Laju, Malaysia’s leading courier company that prides itself with its excellent track record on Next Day deliveries. He certainly didn’t want to delay this parcel’s delivery – and waiting for the wedding to be finished would affect his other deliveries for the day.

Still, the whole thing was just so funny.

Photo credit: Twitter / @penyp3n

What’s even more hilarious about this whole thing is that the bride and groom had not even signed the marriage contract yet, but the bride had to sign this document first – and during the wedding ceremony! LOL.

Source: World of Buzz