Wedding Cake Message Goes Horribly Wrong after Store Employee Misinterprets Instruction

Wedding cakes are the highlight of the wedding reception. That is the main reason why a lot of couples are willing to spend a lot of money to order the grandest wedding cakes for their big day. After all, many argue that you only get married once – so you should have the best wedding you could ever dream of…

But not everything happens according to plan. Many couples can truly attest to that. Just like one couple whose cake went viral on Reddit due to the message that went horribly wrong.

The couple had actually hired a wedding planner to handle the event but insisted on buying the cake themselves. They thought that they could save a lot of money by handling the cake – and there really are so many tutorials on the internet about how you can upgrade a cheap store-bought cake to be a grand wedding cake.

Though they managed to cut down on the big expenses by ordering the cake from a local store, this turned out to be a big mistake.

Why’s there a wedding?” the cake appears to sarcastically ask in squiggly green letters.

It was rather disappointing to see this message on the cake. It turned out that the store employee had misinterpreted the instructions given to her. The cake was supposed to read “Wiser Wedding” but the woman did not understand it and proceeded to write something she thought must be the right message. Tsk. Tsk.

The couple wasn’t happy, of course. They were even quite furious! But many netizens are having a good laugh, saying that the cake message is on point! Others said that the store employee probably thought it was just a prank. LOL.

This is why you hire professionals. My clients bought this from our local grocery store bakery… It’s supposed to say ‘Wiser Wedding’. This will be their wedding horror story for sure,” the original uploader shared on Reddit.