Watch: Netizen Shows How Long He Has To Wait at a Bank

Everyone needs a safe place for their money and so a trip to the bank is very important. Once at the bank, the waiting time to get to a teller may take a while since they assist a lot of people. One netizen decided to play around the fact that the wait can be extremely long.

Facebook user Luis Ginno decided to poke fun at how long one would need to stay in queue when trying to do a transaction for a certain bank. He posted a video to show that.

The beginning of the video showed him with his queue number and then he focused on the current number on the screen. He was “N93” and the one currently being attended to had the number “N63.”

Luis then showed himself walking out of the bank, getting in his car, and then he drove home. Once at home, he decided to do his laundry. He set them all in his washing machine which can wash and rinse clothes in one continuous cycle.

After that, Luis cooked a little snack for himself with instant noodles. He showed the entire process of getting water, waiting for it to boil, and he mixed all of the seasonings in a bowl. He also decided to watch some cartoons while he ate.

After Luis finished eating, he got back into his car and drove back to the bank. Once back inside, he looked at the queue and he dramatically zoomed in at the TV screen, which showed that the person currently being assisted has the number “N64.”

The video was made just for fun but not all banks have this issue. As of this moment, the video has has over two million views and has been shared more than 20,000 times.

You can watch Luis’ video here, but be warned as there is profanity near the end of the video but it was added for comedic effect:

Ewan ko kung sakin lang o sa lahat, pero kada magdedeposit ako sa BPI, SOBRANG TAGAL!! BPI, Please explain.

Posted by Luis Ginno on Sunday, May 19, 2019