WATCH: Kids Slide Down the Middle of an Escalator

When people go to a mall or a shopping center to shop, there are different places for one to buy things from. In most cases, malls organize the shops so that one place is “categorized” to sell certain products.

Malls are vast but what makes them larger would be if there are different levels. In the chance that a mall may have more than one level, putting a lot of elevators in is not very practical, as they can only go one direction at a time. In place of elevators are escalators.

Escalators can be considered as a “moving staircase” as they they are indeed a set of steps that will bring you from one level to another. They are generally located in pairs: One would be ascending, while the other is descending. Compared to elevators, escalators won’t need to stop for someone to get on it.

Copenhagen Metro escalators

Escalators can be slow in moving, as they need to make sure a person can safely step on it and step off of it. There had been cases wherein a person got stuck on an escalator which led to adding safety measures, but in one Facebook video, it looks like there were others that got past it.

In a video posted by Facebook user Enoc Dee, it showed two kids, assumed to be street children, that approached an escalator, but instead of stepping on the stairs, they went to the gap in between them. They stepped a bit and then they went sliding down the lower level while staying in the middle.

The kids slid down at an alarmingly fast speed, and the boy wearing the blue shirt suddenly had to hold on the escalator’s handrail to steady himself, but it looked like they were able to go down with no injuries. It also looks like it is not their first time to try that.

The video has gained almost 2 million views and has been shared for more than 74,000 times. Netizens were amazed at the scene, and there were some that wished the did that when they were kids. Others then thought of the consequence if any of the kids, or if anyone else that might attempt the same stunt, might get injured after.

You can watch the video here:

Posted by Enoc Dee on Tuesday, July 30, 2019