Watch: Driver Gets Wrongfully Accused of Hitting Another Vehicle

Traffic and a hot head are not a good combination, specially in the streets of Metro Manila wherein roads appear to become parking spaces and the hot weather can get anyone mad almost immediately. For one person, it was good that he was calm during an unnecessary confrontation.

Facebook user Johnidel Narag had a need to share the dashcam footage that he had on June 1, 2019. He said he had to share it so that the other party affected can have a “peace of mind.”

He was traveling around Glorietta and there was a Toyota Fortuner just ahead of him. As both vehicles were turning a corner, the Fortuner went ahead and in the dashcam video, the Fortuner being a large vehicle, bounced on its own suspension system and its rear bumper hit an elevated part of the road.

Johnidel went on ahead and was having a conversation with his passenger, discussing what happened and that he did not hit the same part of the road. The Fortuner then tailed them and it started to blare its horns at them. They still discussed what happened as they clearly did not hit the other vehicle earlier, and when they rounded another bend, the Fortuner cut them off.

Almost every passenger of the Fortuner got off they started to inspect both vehicles: Johnidel stayed inside. As one of the people from the Fortuner talked to them, a woman passenger approached them and started to confront them.

The woman pointed out that Johnidel was “shaking” to which he said he drank coffee which was causing some palpitation. The woman then said she is a doctor so she sees that he was shaking not because of the coffee but because he was lying. She then asked Johnidel why he was denying that they bumped their vehicle, to which he said they did not. All the passengers of the Fortuner continued to inspect both vehicles and then they got back in. Johnidel wanted to get off to check with them, but his passenger advised him otherwise.

There is a third video in the comments section wherein the woman once again approached Johnidel and said since they wanted to “get away” they will take a picture of their car and will “report them.” Another passenger from the Fortuner continued to talk to them and then asked to see Johnidel’s driver’s license, to which Johnidel declined.

You can watch Johnidel’s video here:

Madalas, kung sino pa yung may pinag-aralan at nakaka-angat sa buhay, sila pa yung mga bastos. 😭Uploading these videos…

Posted by Johnidel Narag on Saturday, June 1, 2019