Watch: Dog With Injured Paw Asked Dog-Loving Pharmacist For Help

Dogs are very smart creatures. They understand if something is a threat to them, or if it benefit them further. They can even tell if someone or something is kind.

Banu Cengiz is a pharmacist and a dog lover that lives in Turkey. Years ago, she had rescued the dog that she has right now. As much as she wanted to bring more dogs into her household, she unfortunately cannot, and so what she did instead is she set up a small part of the front of her pharmacy as a makeshift place for stray dogs. Some had called it an “oasis for dogs” as there were mats where dogs can lay down as well as treats that she leaves out.

In a Tweet that was posted on June 20, 2019, it showed her taking care of a dog’s injured paw. She put medicine on the paw and all the while, the dog was sitting patiently. It appeared as though the dog understood that Banu was helping her. After the medicine was applied, the dog then laid on her back. It appeared as though it was her means to tell Banu, “Thank you.”

The Tweet, as of this writing, has been shared, or Retweeted, more than 16,000 times, and that it was well received by other Twitter users.

Banu said she saw the dog standing outside her pharmacy, and she wondered if the dog needed anything. When she led her in, she was presented with the injured paw, which was taken care of immediately.

After treating the paw, Banu also gave her food, water, and a small corner in her pharmacy so the dog could rest for a bit. By the time she had to close the pharmacy, the dog looked better than ever.

With Turkey having a lot of stray dogs, there were people who put in an effort in order to rescue as much of them as possible. Banu’s way of helping the dogs near her place is her way of letting them know that she wants to take care of them all.

You can see the Tweet here: