‘Wastong Kulay’ Question in Black-and-White Module Angers Netizens

While the COVID-19 crisis affects many places across the world, countries like the Philippines have discouraged face-to-face classes to ensure the safety of teachers and students alike.

This meant more work for teachers and parents also becoming educators as they help their children deal with their lessons.

But due to the sheer volume of work that these teachers have to make to ensure that they can provide quality education to their students, there are times when they make mistakes on the modules.

There are those who make clerical errors while others must have forgotten that they are working on computers with colored screens but print out the modules in black-and-white.

Take for example this page in a module that has gotten the ire of netizens for “clearly misleading” students and making them worry to much over something that is not their fault.

Just look at this picture. How can you answer this one properly, anyway?

Photo credit: Knights Achilles / Facebook

While the module was printed in black-and-white, the question was obviously intended to be viewed with the original colors. How else could the students get the correct answer on this one if the choices look like they are simply different shades of grey or black and white, huh?

Mas mahirap palang maging Grade 2,” joked Knights Achilles as caption while uploaded this photo.

A lot of netizens got angry over the question, even calling the teacher names and saying that it was bad of the teacher to expect the students to get the right answers for this question.

Others pointed out that the problem lies in the lack of budget for teachers to reproduce the modules with multi-colored ink instead of just black and white.

Initiative na lang unta sa parents/teacher to color it manually,” one netizen suggested, but this also drew ire from others.

Other netizens commented that it is harder for parents this year because they still have to work and also teach their kids, yet encounter difficult situations like this module question that’s impossible to answer!

Here’s the correct version, printed in color: