Viral Photo of Sea Turtle, a Symbol of Many Homeless Animals

The employees of Maafaru Airport in Maldives were shocked to see a green turtle in the middle of the aircraft runway last April 9.

What got their attention the most was behind the turtle were her eggs she just laid.

Image from Parveen Kaswan, IFS via Twitter

According to Parveen Kaswan, the one who took the photo, the sea turtle just came from the sea nearby and went back to her previous home, which is now the new airport runway, where she laid her eggs. Sadly, her home was not the same as before.

They also believe that the sea turtle might come back again with the others to lay their eggs there because the airport runway was once an active nesting beach of those endangered turtles before.

“Most of the species [of sea turtles] are drawn to the same area where they themselves were born and where they have nested in the past,” explained by David Godfrey, the executive director of the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

“That turtle was very likely born and hatched on that stretch of beach … They don’t just drop their eggs. For the turtle to be dropping her eggs tells me it’s not the first time she came to this shore,” he added.

Image from Parveen Kaswan, IFS via Twitter

The single photo of the homeless sea turtle which was posted on Twitter, gathered numerous reactions, and shared by different concerned netizens became a symbol of what was now people usually neglects – not to take the natural habitats of the animals, especially the endangered ones.

Today, many shorelines in different places in the world were developed and transformed into something mostly for business purposes. It is those animals who greatly suffer in return, which means leaving them a smaller area as their nesting sites or worse, leaving them with nothing at all.

The sea turtle was led back to the water and they made sure that she is in good shape.

Thanks to Kaswan who posted the photo which voiced out what the sea turtle cannot tell directly to people.

“Sea turtles need voices. Voices from voters, from citizens — they rely on us,” Godfrey said.


SOURCE: Twitter | MSN