Video Shows Vendor Preparing ‘Samalamig’ with Ice on the Sidewalk

A vendor was spotted preparing ‘samalamig’ with ice on the sidewalk – and the disgusting scene was caught on camera by a passerby…

Shared by a certain Sucayre Marco Francis on the Facebook page of Manila Public Information Office, the clip was then reposted by many blog sites and Facebook pages, including Viral Videos. The clip quickly went viral, with people expressing disgust over the video and saying that they might not want to buy ‘samalamig’ again after seeing this!

Photo credit: Sucayre Marco Francis / Facebook

In the video, a woman could be seen preparing the drinks she’s going to sell by the sidewalk, unmindful of whether people could see what she is doing. At first, you probably would not see what is wrong with the video, until you watch closely and see that the ice block she’s chopping to bits is actually on the bare pavement!

Photo credit: Sucayre Marco Francis / Facebook

She cuts up the ice block to put in the drink, washing off the dirt with the water from the pail – and who knew if that water was even clean?

The juice container and the huge plastic bag she prepared for the trash looked clean, yet the fact that the ice inside was put on that dirty sidewalk, it is really disgusting to imagine that people will actually buy that drink!

Photo credit: Sucayre Marco Francis / Facebook

Netizens were disgusted over the video, slamming the vendor for doing this to her customers yet there were also many who got mad at the video uploader for not doing something to stop her. What do you think of this video?