Video Shows Grandpa Wrapping Kid in Plastic So She Can Hug Her Frontliner Dad

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the world, separating families and pushing people to stay at home. Many think it’s partly a good thing as the Earth managed to recover from human activities and humans realized how animals feel in cages, yet the situation is also so heartbreaking for families of those infected by the virus or frontliners who had to stay away to keep them safe.

While frontliners are often identified as those working in the hospitals to treat the COVID-19 patients, there are also many who put their lives on the line – such as police officers and other uniformed personnel who man the checkpoints and patrol the streets to ensure that people are following government orders.

Photo credit: Debbie Bustos Contreras / Facebook

They are exposed to various people each day; thus, these frontliners also quarantine themselves to ensure their families won’t get the virus, just in case they are asymptomatic carriers.

Recently, a video has made so many people cry as a child gets to hug her dad only after her grandpa wrapped her in plastic. So desperate to get a hug from her dad as she probably had not seen him for weeks, the girl could be seen being carefully wrapped in plastic by her grandpa. Then, he arranges her mask before gently pushing her towards her dad.

Debbie Bustos Contreras

The little girl runs towards her dad’s patrol car. He was waiting, with arms wide open to receive her in a big hug. It was so sweet and so heartbreaking that netizens just couldn’t help but cry over the moment, even if they don’t even know this family.

Debbie Bustos Contreras

Her dad is a frontliner who can’t be with her – and he can’t even give her a proper hug if she didn’t have that plastic wrapping her. But the sweet video shows the magnitude of his love for his daughter… This really made us cry!

How hard. We never even dreamed that we were going to see this one day,” Debbie Bustos Contreras wrote.

Watch the video here:

Que duro. Nunca, ni en sueños creíamos que íbamos a ver esto algún día.

Posted by Debbie Bustos Contreras on Wednesday, April 8, 2020